The Delayed Matrimony: Profits of Prioritizing Change and Personal Evolution


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Recently, as I hopped from one joyous wedding celebration to another, my social calendar brimming with 'Save the Dates,' I found myself delving into contemplation over the optimal age for matrimony. Intrigued after some googling for enlightening data and was fascinated to discover that the average age for marriage has been gradually rising over the years (As you see in the above image, yea, India can do better). A clearer picture began to form in my mind - society was emphasizing individual development and personal passions more before choosing to dip toes into the waters of wedded bliss. In this introspective narrative, I'd like to put forth my subjective insights on the merits of delayed marriage.

Financial Stability - Constructing a Robust Bedrock

Ever stumbled upon those hilarious yet thought-provoking memes showcasing a married couple precariously balanced on a bike with a horde of children sandwiched in between? These memes hint at a reality that might just play out if couples leap into matrimony without securing their financial footing. It's not about being part of a mad race to reproduce; it's about providing a comfortable life for the little beings we usher into this world. Jump-starting a family sans a rock-solid financial plan could impose burdens on children, robbing them of the essential resources and opportunities they need to flourish. It's important to comprehend that matrimony is not just roses and champagne but also entails obligations and monetary commitments that could potentially rock an unstable financial boat.

Choosing to wed later in life provides both genders the golden opportunity to achieve financial independence and forge unique identities. Leaning on parental aid or a spouse's income might seem tempting, but it stunts personal evolution. This predicament is particularly arduous for women, who may find their options limited in the unfortunate event of an abusive or unhappy marriage. Individuals can chart a course for a safe and fulfilling life journey by prioritizing financial planning and stability.

Navigating Self-Exploration and Career Growth - Igniting Passion

Defying the widespread belief that dreams and passions are found during the blissful ignorance of childhood or the rebellious teenage years, I firmly believe that it's a process that unfolds with time and maturity. Case in point, Sara Blakely, the trailblazing founder of Spanx, who hit upon her revolutionary idea at the ripe age of 25. While some lucky ones might stumble upon their life's calling early on, others might not hear their passion's call until they hit their twenties or thirties. However, jumping the marital ship during this critical phase, with a universe of opportunities waiting to be explored, could hinder personal growth and curtail chances to chase dreams.

Rather than succumbing to a monotonous existence or buckling under societal pressure, focusing on personal ambitions during these prime years of self-discovery is imperative. It's disheartening to see that societal expectations often shadow women's achievements, boxing them into traditional roles and marginalizing their professional accomplishments. Instead of facing the relentless barrage of questions about their marital status, women should be applauded for their career milestones. Men, too, need encouragement to navigate uncharted career waters and pursue their dreams. Taking the risk to live a life resonating with passion and purpose is a gamble worth taking, one that promises a life with minimal remorse.

The Right Partner and Mature Decision-Making

Ah, the sweet, confusing whirlwind of teenage love, often fueled by infatuation, lacking the maturity integral to maintaining a lifelong commitment. The early twenties are a time of self-discovery and soul-searching, a period of intense growth where individuals are still crafting their identities, setting life goals, and perhaps, getting their feet wet in the professional world or embarking on adventures that test their mettle. During this transformative phase, dramatic changes are the norm, changes that could potentially stress relationships to their breaking point.

Choosing to marry later in life provides the invaluable benefit of making more informed, mature decisions about selecting life partners. Love is not the only foundation for a successful marriage; compatibility, shared values, and mutual understanding play equally critical roles. By allowing time for individual maturity and personal evolution, people gain a clearer vision of what they seek in a life partner, facilitating wise, practical choices that lead to relationships fortified by trust and compatibility.

Opting to marry late can be a game-changer that offers an array of benefits. Achieving financial stability, fostering personal growth, and enhancing decision-making abilities are all potent ingredients for a healthier and more satisfying married life. While societal expectations may linger, it's critical to prioritize personal happiness and satisfaction. By embracing change and personal growth, individuals can lay a solid foundation for a bright, prosperous future rich in personal and professional rewards.



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